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1.   03/20/12   Nice website
2.   10/26/11   New Hybrid Reel video at www.powerfishn.cpm
3.   10/05/11   Thought some of your membership might enjoy this video and article on BassMaster Champion Alton Jones:
4.   09/19/11   Had a fantastic time saturday! Caught the two biggest in my life and took home alittle money too! Thanks Chris
5.   09/06/11   I also would like say THANK YOU to your club and Brad for inviting me to the upcoming tournament on the 17th My daughter and I are really looking forward to a fun filled day and meeting with your club but mostly we are going to enjoy taking Brad's money
6.   09/06/11   Thank you for letting me roam around your web-site and seeing all the fun you have been having!!
7.   03/03/11   Looking forward in fishing with you all this season it?s what I been looking forward for a long time. A club that give back to the Community and it all about the kids and great fellowship off the water?.awesome web site??
8.   02/26/11   more info about bass club and how to join
9.   01/02/11   This is a awesome web site and great Info keep up the good Work Doug you all are moving on up that great....Looking forward to fishing with every body this up coming season...
10.   10/17/10   what or how can i join this club plssssssss MASSAGE BACK
11.   06/07/10   thank you for agreat day.Ientered my grand daughter in the kids derbyand it was one of the most enjoyable activities we have done she won secound place and is very proud of her trophy.thanks againyou all seem like a really great group of people
12.   04/30/10   Looking for help to organize a fishing trip for Cub Scouts I like the format you use for your kids fishing day. Is there anyone interested in helping out? I am with Pack 44 in Waynesboro. Please call 256-4148
13.   03/23/10   caughtem@ anna sat 58 to 63 degree h2o beaver creek sun 58 degree h2o fishing slow to get hookups couting down till the open. B
14.   03/04/10   03/04/2010 Just heard you're talk show on wkdw. It's good to know it's not all about you. Astrong emphasis on kids and father/son relationships.and giving back! See you saturday at draft. B
15.   01/23/10   I'm looking forward to fishing with you all this year Matt C.
16.   01/04/10   Just want to say hello and injoy your site. Im from south texas near San antonio.We are puting together a small fishing club due to start March.It will be boat and none boaters club.So keep up the god work.
17.   01/03/10   Just wanted to say hi and good lucj to all AC Bass Jons memebers in 2010. NOVA Bass Jons should be an official club in less tan a week. We are an all electric club serving the lower NOVA needs
18.   12/31/09   Just what to say WOW what a site keep up the good work and a bass club that every one can afford Also given back to the kids ... great Guys......
19.   10/04/09   This is a FINTASTIC site! Put together great very informative. Keep up the great work.
20.   04/10/09   Hello You have a lovely site and I've enjoyed my visit very much.
21.   03/05/09   I am very interested in joining this club. My dad and I are big fisherman and would really like to get involved in this club. I'd like to know how and what I'd have to do to get this done. Thank you.
22.   01/27/09   would like to join your club but need more info please on what all the club members have to do thank you
23.   01/18/09   Doug great site thanks for invite. Jeannie
24.   04/28/08   Doug Thanks for the invite. Wayne and I thought it was a well run and very professional operated Tournament. As Founder of the First Fishing Club in the valley S.A.F.F.A. my hat is off to you guys!!!!!!!!!!
25.   04/20/08   I cant wait to fish with you all at the open Tournament this sat ..
26.   01/29/07   i picked up your brochure at walmart. i am very interested in joining your club with my boss. feel free to send me any information about your club
27.   07/21/06   i would like to join your club please e mail me with some info
28.   06/04/06   Live in the OBX. Always looking for someone to go fishing with. Have a 19' boat.
29.   04/18/06   Great Site Good to see Fishing Enthusists besides my seld near me.>
30.   03/28/06   Anyone know of clubs like this in Charlotte NC area I am coming up for the April 8th tourny looking to break the 1lb. 14oz. record on Totier.
32.   02/13/06   I am glad to see a fishing club in my area i am only a 14 year old but i fish all the time i live in a small town near Grottoes a the foot of the mountain
33.   02/13/06   Nice site.
34.   02/01/06   cool site! when are you all going to be starting the 06 season?
36.   07/22/05   Site looks great.Thanks for the invite
37.   06/17/05   I lived in Staunton back in the 70's now in Hampton Va. good to see bass fishing is alive and doing well up there. I fish with Howmet Bassmasters here. Good luck to you all. Eric Bowden
38.   05/30/05   hey guys looks like ya ll have a great web page and some good lookin jon boats gittrdone!! check out ours at later' moe '
39.   05/27/05   hey nice site guys.....hope the fishing is going well for you all.....i belong to salem bass slayers here in roanoke and we're having some pretty descent tourneys ..again gl
40.   05/25/05   "GREAT SITE!!! lots of info message board is going well loads of fishing links! Thanks for all the work you put into this site from all us ""river rats""!!"
41.   03/08/05   Very nice looking site glad to see something like this in the shenandoah valley.
42.   03/05/05   snow snow go away so the bass will come out to play
43.   11/24/04   Very nice and informative. Excellent. We hope you can head down to Lake El Salto Mexico in the future. Visit us at
44.   06/04/04   Nice Site Doug.I think you will do well with it.....Thanks for putting me up on your li

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